Sports Cardiology

Exercise and fitness are fundamental to a healthy life. For the majority of our population there is practically no limit to the amount of exercise we should do to stay well, and live fulfilled lives. However, for a small number of people with an underlying heart issue, vigorous exercise may pose serious risks. Unfortunately these conditions may be unknown to the athlete and not become apparent until they start a strenuous exercise program. The identification and management of these problems requires specialist medical input involving sports physicians and sports cardiologists.

There are many facets of Sports Cardiology including; pre-participation screening of athletes, personalised management plans for athletes with cardiac conditions and advising patients with cardiology conditions about safe levels of exercise. We work closely with sports physicians as part of the team to ensure a holistic approach.

At SA Heart, we are passionate about supporting the treatment of athletes because we know there is more to cardiac care for this specialist group than meets the eye. Our doctors have experience in the management and screening of elite athletes from club level to Olympic level, competitive amateurs, individuals and teams for pre-participation screening, individuals looking to return to exercise and sports teams of all levels.

To see the benefits a sports cardiologist can provide patients of all athletic ability watch our video.
 Sports Cardiology case study- supporting an amateur athlete

Photo of Dr Alistair BeggDr Richard J Hillock


Richard has a keen interest in sports, and is active in the management and treatment of elite athletes and cardiac screening for major sporting clubs in Adelaide.
Richard is a member of the South Australian Sports Medicine Association and has presented talks at SA Sports Medicine Association annual conferences. He enjoys a career that allows him to talk to people, problem solve, and take on technically demanding procedures.
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Photo of Dr Alistair BeggDr Alistair Begg


Dr Alistair Begg is an experienced cardiologist with a focus on exercise testing and cardiac imaging, and is particularly interested in patients with chest pain, heart failure, and significant risk factors—as well as the benefits of diet and exercise in preventing cardiac illness.
From a young age, Alistair has drawn on his love of sport. A number of his patients are, or have been, elite athletes. He enjoys the challenge of keeping them safe and competitive, from their prime into older age.
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