What is it?

Valvuloplasty describes a catheter-based technique which attempts to re-open a narrowed heart valve without major surgery. It is a technique which may not be appropriate in every case. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. The approach used varies depending upon the targeted valve, but in each case involves the passage of catheters into the heart from blood vessels in the groin. A precisely-sized balloon is passed through the valve, and inflated to widen the opening, restoring flow through the valve and improving heart function.


This is a complex procedure and may require a hospital admission lasting several days. You will need to fast for 6 hours prior to the procedure.

Take all of your usual medications unless instructed otherwise by your cardiologist.


Your doctor will inform you of the results at the end of the procedure. A follow up appointment will more than likely be organized a couple of weeks later in the consulting rooms.

If you are a patient undergoing this procedure and you have any further queries, please raise them with your cardiologist.

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