Electrocardiogram (ECG)

What is it?

An ECG measures and records the electrical activity generated by the heart. This is a non-invasive test which takes approximately 5 minutes.


Two piece clothing is desired as the cardiac technician will need to access the chest area. No other preparation is required.


A total of 10 electrode stickers will be placed over your chest, arms and legs. Leads will be connected to these and and your heart's electrical activity will be recorded.


You may request to wait for the results and take them with you or the results will be forwarded to your referring doctor. Please allow 5 working days before making an appointment with your doctor or notify the technician if you have an appointment within the 5 days.

What to bring on the day

  • Medicare card
  • A current referral from your GP or specialist
  • Any concession or health insurance cards.

Full payment will be required on the day of the test.

If you are a patient undergoing this test and you have any further queries, please phone
(08) 8297 6888 or raise them with your cardiologist.

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