Patient Referrals

Why you need a valid referral

It is a Medicare requirement for you to have a valid referral if you wish to access Medicare benefits for eligible services at SA Heart when you attend for your appointment.

For a referral to be valid it must not have expired, be correctly filled in by your referring doctor, and be in our hands on the day of your appointment with us.

If we are not able to obtain a valid referral at the time of your appointment you will not be able to claim Medicare rebate and you may be liable for the full cost of services.

What you need to do to obtain a referral 

When your GP or other referring doctor refers you to a cardiologist you will be given a referral for the initial visit.

You can also ask our receptionists to check that you have a current referral when making an appointment.  We will also double check that everything is in order.

For subsequent visits be sure to ask if the previous referral will cover your next appointment with your cardiologist.

You may be asked to send a copy of your referral to us prior to an appointment being made so that we can accurately determine the type of appointment needed. Referrals can be sent via email to 

How long is my referral valid?

Referrals are valid for different periods depending on the type of referral. It is important to note that for all of the following the referral starts from the date the cardiologist first attends the patient, not the date issued.

  • GP referrals - a referral from a general practitioner (GP) to a specialist lasts 12 months, unless noted otherwise. 
  • Specialist referrals - specialist to specialist referrals are valid for 3 months
  • Test only referrals - sometimes patients are referred for a test only, i.e. echocardiogram, holter monitor etc. These referrals are valid for 2 weeks.


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