Patient Charter


We will treat you with compassion and respect both your privacy and human dignity.

We acknowledge your right to choose your doctor freely, to accept or reject advice and to make your own decisions about investigations, treatments and procedures, including withdrawing from treatment.

To help you make decisions about these matters we will, during the course of treatment, provide information and advise you about:

  • The nature of your illness or disease and its possible consequences, including the likely outcome if treatment is not undertaken

  • The probable cause of your condition and the available treatments, together with their likely benefits, risks and any side effects

  • Whether the proposed intervention is conventional or experimental

  • The anticipated time and costs of the treatment and who will be involved in the treatment, and

  • Significant long term outcomes which may be associated with your medical condition or proposed intervention.

It is not possible to provide complete information about all aspects of a medical condition or to predict outcomes or assess risks with certainty. We will advise you about the degree of uncertainty of any diagnosis arrived at and the degree of uncertainty of the likely outcomes of alternative treatments.

Your doctor will be able to  help you most if you discuss your symptoms and concerns frankly, attend all appointments, take medication as prescribed and tell us of any change in your condition.

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We encourage you to participate fully in decision making which affects your health care and to ask questions on any related topic on which your are not clear or would like more information. An open exchange between you and your doctor at all times is crucial for your well-being.


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