Since its inception in 1984 SA Heart has been at the forefront of advances in cardiology services, delivering world class care to South Australians. The commitment to being first choice in cardiac services drives everything we do.

Cardiologists attending SA Heart rooms cover a wide range of sub specialities and their combined expertise is available to every patient, which is particularly beneficial in complex cases. 

SA Heart has a large choice of locations in metropolitan Adelaide as well as some country areas.

The visiting cardiologists are at the forefront of the latest knowledge in cardiology, attending or speaking at national and international conferences, as well as contributing to published research.

SA Heart is proud to be 100% doctor owned and 100% South Australian owned.

Our 35-year anniversary has been a great time to reflect on the changes we have seen since 1984 and to celebrate where we are today. The following video provides an insight into SA Heart and our services.

 SA Heart - about us


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