Cardiac Nurse Practitioner

Libby Birchmore is a consultant cardiac nurse practitioner currently working in private practice. She was the first nurse practitioner to be authorized by the Nurses Board of South Australia in December 2002 and the first cardiac nurse practitioner in Australia.

Following a long career in the public health system, initially as a coronary care nurse and later in the field of cardiac rehabilitation, Libby went on to develop a very successful heart failure management program.

Libby has worked in the Master of Nursing program at the University of South Australia in the areas of clinical skill development and Nurse Practitioner role development including the authorization process. Since her own authorization Libby has acted as guide and mentor for many nurse practitioner candidates. She currently teaches post graduate studies in cardiovascular nursing.

Libby works closely with the cardiologists at SA Heart to assist patients referred by them to manage their chronic disease and to modify their cardiac risk factors.

Libby has recently been granted accreditation at Ashford Hospital

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