Doctor Referrals


Our referral form has been designed to meet Medicare's statutory requirements for valid referrals.

Patients will not be able to claim Medicare rebates unless they have a valid referral at the time of the appointment.

Invalid referrals cannot be corrected retrospectively after the day of attendance at our rooms.

Checklist for valid referrals

1. A specific SA Heart doctor must be named when referring for a consultation, either by itself or in conjunction with another requested service.

2. Requests for tests can be addressed to a specific doctor or an unspecified doctor, e.g. "Dear Doctor", "Dear SA Heart" etc.

3. The referring practitioner must  be identified by both name and provider number or address.

4. The referral must be signed and dated.

Our referral forms highlight these mandatory elements in red.

The above also applies to public hospital doctors referring patients for private outpatient care.

Period of Referral

If the period of the referral is not specified Medicare deems it to be 12 months for GPs and 3 months for specialists/physicians.

If as a GP you wish to make an indefinite referral, please use the word "indefinite" to convey this. This will avoid your staff being contacted for new referrals when we are not sure of your intentions. While phrases such as "ongoing care" or "continuting care" are recognised as indefinite referrals, it is not always this easy to interpret the GPs intention.

Obtaining referral forms

Click here to open a referral form and then print it.

Referral pads can be obtained by contacting Margot Roberts on (08) 8297 6888 or



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