We regularly receive inquiries from cardiologists about the possibility of joining SA Heart.

The attractions of SA heart for cardiologists are numerous, including:

  • A loyal and growing referral base built up over more than 30 years, making SA Heart one of the largest providers of private cardiology services in Australasia.
  • A resolute determination to be first choice in cardiology in South Australia with a national reputation for excellence.
  • Access to excellent consulting facilities, state of the art diagnostic equipment, a profession leading clinical IT system and highly trained, loyal staff.
  • On site cardiothoracic surgery within the precincts of our two largest clinics which are co-located with the Ashford and Flinders private hospitals.
  • A high degree of cardiologist autonomy within a collegiate and patient-centred culture.
  • Individual tailoring of careers, providing unrivalled opportunities to pursue sub specialisations and to determine the proportions of time spent in private practice, public practice, teaching and research, noting that these proportions may well vary over time as career and family needs change.
  • A career structure which can see a transition from initial associateship to proprietorship.
  • A business model based on best practice corporate governance and individual reward for effort

In summary, SA Heart offers cardiologists secure, stimulating and rewarding careers with lifelong flexibility. 

Candidates need to be FRACP qualified, eligible for medical registration in South Australia and possess the skills relevant to the group’s overall needs.  Cardiology Registrars are encouraged to explore opportunities before embarking on overseas fellowships.

Inquiries should be directed in the first instance to the SA Heart Chief Executive Officer, Nicole Sykes.  She will be able to answer your initial queries and put you in touch with the Chairman and other relevant cardiologists within SA Heart.


SA Heart employs the following staff: 

There are many attractions for staff  working at SA Heart: 

  • The security of working for one of the largest cardiology groups in Australia, established over 30 years.
  • An open and transparent commitment to best HR practice.
  • Excellent remuneration with incentives for attaining qualifications.
  • High levels of staff engagement as measured by voluntary and anonymous staff surveys, reflected in low turnover.
  • Opportunities for growth and career advancement, including subsidised study and flexible hours.

There are several attributes we look for in all our staff, regardless of the specific position.

First, we expect our staff to be passionate about patient welfare.  This can range from the warm smile greeting a patient at reception to meticulous attention to detail when filing information in medical records. Our staff are encouraged to interact with every patient as if they were family.

Second, our culture of respect for patients is expected to extend to all fellow staff, cardiologists, referring practitioners and their staff, and indeed everyone with whom staff come in contact with as representatives of SA Heart.

Third, to ensure our patients and referrers see SA Heart as first choice in cardiology, we need people who excel in a team environment.

Medical receptionists may be appointed by internal promotion from Medical Records or by external recruitment. A friendly and empathetic disposition, experience with medical or broadly similar software, proven initiative and attention to detail are the main requirements.

Echocardiographers need to have a university degree, typically a highly regarded Bachelor of Science, Health Science or equivalent, with physiology, and have completed or be prepared to undertake postgraduate studies to obtain the postgraduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound, in order to meet statutory accreditation requirements.  Generous study support provisions apply. The ability to help patients feel at ease during testing and to fit harmoniously into a team environment are essential attributes.

Cardiac Technicians may be recruited from other departments at SA Heart or externally.  The baseline requirement is completion of Year 12.  On the job training is provided in relation to ECG, Holter monitoring and blood pressure monitoring.  The ability to help patients feel at ease during testing and to fit harmoniously into a team environment are essential attributes. We encourage cardiac technicians and receptionists to become skilled in each other’s roles, as this makes it easier to provide cardiology outreach services and provides job variety for the staff involved.

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Medical Transcriptionists have outstanding keyboard and medical nomenclature skills which enable them to type digitally downloaded dictation from the cardiologists. 

The role of Medical Records Clerks has changed dramatically in the past few years, to the point where hard copy records have all but been replaced by computerised records.  Thus information destined for patient records is no longer physically placed within an individual packet for each patient, but scanned into a computer under the patient’s name.  This role can be performed by staff, sometimes on traineeships, who see the role as a stepping stone to other positions within SA Heart, with more senior staff providing ongoing leadership.  We particularly welcome staff for this role who can also assist with medical transcription when the need arises.

Finance Officers
We have a small but highly effective team comprising two accounts receivable/billing officers and one accounts payable/property officer.  Relevant experience, exceptional attention to detail and sound interpersonal skills are the key qualifications.

Managerial Positions
The following positions report to the Chief Executive:

  • Operations Manager [head of the Technical staff (echocardiographers & cardiac technicians) & Reception staff]
  • Management Accountant [head of the Finance staff]
  • IT Manager
  • Document Management Supervisor [head of the Medical Records & Medical Transcription staff]
  • Practice Manager
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